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Our blog last month introduced the topic of forks, so we decided to continue this conversation and talk about a couple accessories that can enhance the life and efficiency of your forks.

Fork Shields

By protecting the most vulnerable part of the fork, fork shields help protect forks against early replacement. The fork shield mounts to the heel of the fork to prevent nicks, gouging and accidental damage that causes stress cracks. This cost-effective solution installs easily in moments, keeping your vehicle from crippling downtime!

fork shields

This added protection is important because according to Raymond West, nearly 30% of all forklift forks fail safety inspections. Wear on forks can rapidly decrease the capacity and begin to compromise safety. While the fork shields do not protect against wear, taking measures to preserve and fortify other vulnerable parts of the fork can work to help extend the life of your forks.

Fork Extensions

Improve safety and productivity with fork extensions! Larger than normal loads can sacrifice stability and efficiency and compromise safe transport. In 2016, Winnipeg Safety Companies reported 42% of forklift related deaths could be attributed to someone being crushed by a tipping vehicle. 20% of these deaths involved insecure loads. An additional 8% were attributed to falling material and loads which can also be caused by load instability. Fork extensions work to give forks that extra reach needed to stabilize a larger than normal load. Built from high strength steel for durability and a curved tip for easy entry into pallets, fork extensions were designed with high performance in mind.

fork extensions

While there are many other vehicle enhancements (like attachments) that we will get into in the near future, we wanted to focus on these two accessories for this blog. Be on the lookout for our coming blogs as we explore other enhancements that add safety, efficiency and stability to your vehicles.

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