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Lumber Forks

Lumber Forks—also known as FTP (fully tapered and polished) Forks—are a popular choice when moving logs, lumber, drywall, and more. All FTP forks are made from 15B37 H boron-carbon alloy steel and fully heat-treated, therefore extending their overall life and greatly reducing damage incurred from impacts, especially in colder environments. Our Lumber Forks are fully tapered and polished, which makes it easier to work with layered materials due to a reduction in surface friction.



  • Forks can be custom modified upon request
  • Perfect for moving sheet metal, lumber, drywall, and more
  • Capacity calculated based on a 24” load center
  • Fully tapered and polished finish
  • Made of boron-carbon steel to ensure durability
  • The heat-treated metal better absorbs impacts and lasts longer

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