Auger Stump Planers


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Auger Stump Planers

Remove any tree stump with minimal effort and noise with the Auger Stump Planer. Not only does the Stump Planer make ground prep work quick and easy, it also decreases cleanup time. The rotating blades pull the planer deeper which forms tidy, manageable piles of wood shavings that can easily be raked or picked up. After drilling the first hole, simply reposition the planer so that it overlaps and repeat the drilling process to remove the stump.


  • Saves time and money when compared to traditional stump removal
  • Allows for removal of stumps with little effort or noise
  • Considerably decreases cleanup time
  • Quick and easy ground preparation
  • Clean up time is considerably decreased
  • Available in 10" & 14" diameters



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