Asphalt Cutters


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Attach this asphalt cutter to your bucket in seconds simply by tightening the handle. The cutting wheel always stays steady due to the four-point clamping design, preventing the cutting wheel from coming loose. Our cutters also come with a replaceable cutting wheel, in the event one wears out. This guarantees long-lasting performance.

  • Replaceable cutting wheel made of heat-treated, abrasion-resistant alloy steel
  • Tightening is made simple with the built-in handle
  • Four-point contact makes for easy clamping
  • Wide stable contact with bucket or blade
  • Highly durable steel frame


Product # Model Machine Type Mounting Type Wheel Diameter Cutting Depth Bearings Weight per set/lb
440-0100 2000 Loaders
w/ or wo/
19" Up to
5 1/2"
Tapered Roller 210
440-0300 2000M Graders Moldboard 19" Up to
5 1/2"
Tapered Roller 200
440-1489 2000UN Skid Steer Universal Hitch 19" Up to
5 1/2"
Tapered Roller 240