Grapples are arguably the most popular type of attachments in the lumber industry, so what else is there to know? Well, a lot. See, there are all kinds of different grapples, and they all handle different materials well… differently.

There are grapple buckets, rake grapples, lumber grapples, fork grapples, and even more, but these are the most common in the handling of forestry products.

Yeah, we get it, so what are the differences?

Grapple Buckets

These are great for transporting shorter cuts, like firewood, or 2x4s. Some even have cutaway end-plates that allow for wider loads. If the load is too wide however (like logs, or long pieces of cut timber), it’d be time to consider a fork grapple, or maybe even a lumber grapple depending on the load.

Rake Grapple

A rake grapple is great for removing excess shavings or even brush, root, and rocks from the work site. Rake grapples help keep the ground free of debris.

Lumber Grapples

Sometimes referred to as pipe grapples, these are great for moving logs and long cuts of wood. Lumber grapples can carry up to 40,000 pounds, and keep workers, and product, safe while doing so.

Fork Grapples

Fork grapples come welded onto a pallet frame and are great for handling logs and cut lumber. They fit easily onto loaders, telehandlers, skid steers, forklifts, and other machines. These are a great solution for wide loads under 10,000 pounds.

Make sure you know which grapples you need for your business. Having the right attachments not only saves you time and money, but keeps your workers and equipment safe in the long run.

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