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Looking for replacement forklift forks? Our Select-A-Fork tool will walk you through the process quickly.

What class are your forklift forks?

Forklift Forks are divided into classes to fit different sizes of carriages -

Class 2 = 16 inches from top to bottom of carriage

Class 3 = 20 inches from top to bottom of carriage

Class 4 = 25 inches from top to bottom of carriage

How to Measure

forklift fork class measurement

Measured between the clips on the back side of the forks as shown.

How long are your forklift forks?

Forks come in several lengths, depending on your needs. The bulk of our stock ranges from 36 to 96 inches long.

How to Measure

forklift fork length measurement

Measure from fork face (front of heel) to tip.

Select the Type of Forks

We have standard forklift forks to pick up and place palletized loads as needed. Some customers have a need for Fully Tapered/Polished forks (FTP) or Lumber forks as they are also known. These forks make it easy to slide under loads that are close to or sitting on the ground.


forklift fork Standard Pallet Forks style forklift fork Lumber (FTP) style

Select the Machine Capacity

How to Measure

forklift fork capacity measurement

Check your machine for the rated Capacity on the Info plate or your operator manual.

These forks fit your requirements:

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