Super Duty Grapple Rake


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Super Duty Grapple Rake

Our Super-Duty Grapple Rake is one of the most powerful on the market with 3.5 tons of crushing force at the tips. It’s perfect for demolition jobs, concrete removal, and handling large materials like logs. We currently offer three versions; all three are constructed from 1” high-tensile steel and feature hardened tips for crushing.


  • Most powerful, versatile skid steer grapple Netforks carries
  • 6-tine, 10-tine, and 10-tine (wide) models available
  • Rips through hard ground and roadway with ease
  • Comes with universal skid steer quick attach
  • Over 3.5 tons of crushing force at the tips
  • Grade 50 steel ensures durability
  • Made in the United States