Jib Booms


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Jib Booms

The jib boom is a staple for landscaping and construction contractors. It’s perfect for moving heavy foliage like trees and lumber, but also loose materials. Dual hooks and angular design of the boom provides clear visibility while extending the reach of your machine by up to 6 feet. The heavy-duty steel of the Jib Boom ensures long-lasting performance and it also comes with a universal quick attach.


Capacity Lift Height Mount Type Hook Positions
Small Jib Boom ( CJ10UN ) 1000 - 1600 lbs 72" Universal Quick Attach 2
Medium Jib Boom ( CJ25UN ) 2500 - 3750 lbs 72" Universal Quick Attach 2
Large Jib Boom ( CJ35UN ) 3500 lbs 72" Universal Quick Attach 2