Heavy Duty Root Grapple

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Root Grapple

The Root Grapple features an independent two-cylinder grapple which is ideal for hauling brush, lumber, debris, and handling disaster clean-up. Available in 72” and 84” widths with a height of 20.5” and grapple opening of 35”. Both models feature guarded NitroSteel hydraulic rams.



  • 72″ model has 9 tines; the 84″ has 10 tines
  • Each tine is constructed of a singular piece of high-grade steel
  • Open bottom allows dirt and small debris to fall between the tine spacing
  • NitroSteel rods are resistant to corrosion, denting, and flaking
  • All bushings are Teflon-coated to keep the jaw hinge operating smoothly
  • Each jaw can be operated independently from the other for uneven loads
  • Excellent visibility for operators due to wide tine spacing
  • Made in the United States