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Construction Attachments: A Guide To Buying Right, Not More

Construction Attachments: A Guide To Buying Right, Not More

Before buying those new forks, work platform, carpet pole, or drum lifter, give this a read. It might just save some money, time, and stress. When it comes to lifting a heavy load, most are quick to think having forks with a greater load capacity is always better. This is easy to understand, however, not the correct answer. Having an attachment with a load capacity too low for the job is the wrong way to go for obvious reasons, but having too heavy of an attachment can also hurt the bottom line.

Attachments that are too big for your machine can damage your machine. Adding more weight than necessary to the lifting mechanism of a tractor, loader, telehandler, etc. is never a good idea. This just wears down the lift and costs more over time in maintenance and part replacement.

The lesson to be learned is to always buy the attachment that is the closest to what the machine requires. If necessary, go with a higher capacity rather than lower, but only if there is not an exact match. This quick tip will not only make a better buying decision, but a more cost efficient one.